Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Traffic Kills

Yes, its been many months now...The new Bangalore International Airport opened! BBMP decided to broaden the roads, make the trip to airport signal free blah blah blah. All we have now is a route complete with bottle necks, traffic signals and pot holed roads. That's not a new problem to we Bangalore's is it.. But lately there has been a traffic boom. Morning 9, you see the roads jammed , traffic cant move an inch a minute. No ones cared if you bump on to some ones car. A small scratch, bumper misplaced is a common thing that gets ignored by just a raised hand "sorry". Pathetic!!!

Is this because of bad roads alone? We, who drive our vehicles in the morning rush are more to be blamed. No one follows traffic rules, no ones cared about signals. All we want is zoom around and reach office on time. What the hell! leave home early..

Whats most shocking is that, its affecting the emergency services like ambulance. Its a common sight nowadays, an ambulance having the beep and trying to make way in the busy filled roads.. most of the times unable to make it to the destination. And those stupid traffic police who stand and stare even with walkie talkie in their hand.. I think some basic training to react in these situations , either by alerting the next police person on route might help. Don't you think so! yes it will!

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