Friday, November 23, 2007

Windows on Ubuntu! Vmware

Well for those of you who would not want windows to take up much of your disk space and want the operating system , here is the choice, Vmware . Its a old and well known tool. I tried it on my machine running Ubuntu 7.10 and works like charm :) . So instead of having all those grub and boot loading problems switch on and switch off any OS you like. I am also running Sloaris(build 55) on it with no issues.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Diwali!!

A very happy and safe diwali to all :)
Yes its festival time. And what better reason than Diwali to enjoy !!."The festival of lights" is celebrated all over India . Well there are many stories behind the festival, each having its significant local presence. But apart from all of it, Diwali is a festival which bring people closer. Be it the deepas in front of houses, or the monumental buildings lit up, or be it the colorful decorations.. its full of colors and joy.After all thats what diwali is all about.. a close bond between people. A big concern is the growing pollution levels at the time of festival due to crackers. Promote safe and clean Diwali. Make your life colorful during diwali :)

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