Monday, September 24, 2007


World champions :) Chak de INDIA:) Well peaking at the right time. Indian economy is getting stronger.. Indians are making a mark all over the world..and here is the crown jewel.. Cricket a relegion in INDIA.. and we are the T20 Champions!!! :) What else can you ask.. India Pakistan worldcup finals and match going till the last over.Thats India Pak match. All the thrill... all that scoldings... all those emotions..HURRAY there the last wicket falls and we win :) It was a thrilling match of cricket.Im sure all Indian fans would have jumped and shouted when we won. Worth all the heart attacks the match gives :)
Three cheers to INDIAN TEAM :)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ganesh chaturthi

Ganesh bappa mourya!! Happy Gouri Ganesh :-).This weekend you might be a bit more clever ( so keep the god Ganesh happy :-)). Yes its Ganesh chaturthi , festival celebrated in most parts of India . The god of knowledge as he is known will be seen in different shades matching the imagination of the devotee (IT Ganesh with a cd instead of chakra!! ). Its nice to see that in this fast moving and modern world people still follow these rituals , in fact thats what makes INDIA different. We _Indianize_ things :-).


Friday, September 14, 2007


Four unemployed men are on a treasure hunt for booty hidden in a graveyard
somewhere in Goa. Thats how it all starts.
Indra Kumar has tried to focus on the lighter view in life when chasing a big goal. Movie is worth the money. The chemistry between the actors is good, and has good humor . Planning for a nice cool fun filled week end? You can start off with Dhamaal.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Team Out!

Who said there is no fun at workplace! Its been more fun then work :) It was a team outing at Ebony(28th,Tuesday).For those of you searching for a nice place to eat in midst of your hectic work and need a cool nice place to spend time , Ebony is a good choice. The 13th floor balcony offers you a great view of Bangalore. It was our (Srivatsa, Vikas, Nandini, Archit, Jagadeesh : in reverse intelligence order :p) first salary treat. After a long discussion and lot of analysis as to which place to go we finally decided on Ebony. It was nice fun . A good experience. Not to mention , it did help us knowing each other well . We got gifts from out seniors as well :)

And finally due to all those advantages of team outings and parties " we the freshers of Nokia Siemens Solemnly swear that we will organize such outings regularly :) "

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