Bucket List

Any suggestions about places that you think must be in any ones list.. are welcome . Would love to get to know about new places

This page I intend to list down the places I want to visit and also keep adding details on the place I have in the list. 

Every traveler has his/her own travel style . To develop this individual style i feel is very important as it helps build his/her own character and personality .

Chanakya [teacher/philosopher] says , a man(used in a broader PERSON kind of a meaning) who travels learns and becomes accomplished.
This is feel is true . I have learnt a lot in my travels ( lesser travels ) that I am inspired to travel more .

Before I compile the list and keep adding places as I come by , Travelling for me is to experience the native places way of life. To live as they live and eat what they eat .

Evolution has brought about changes in life styles and civilizations. The key to understand why some civilization/tribe does what it does, believe what it believes is to understand its history and evolution. And thats what I love doing in my travels.

1. New Zealand
2. Istanbul
3. Slovenia
4. Italy
5. Bali
---- Will update the list but these are the first five in my all time favs ---

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