Friday, October 30, 2015

Kerala Beaches on Bike

[Posting this a bit late - The bike trip was in 2015 - recently had planned for another road trip and i thought ill pen the memories down ]

 Kovalam Light House Beach

[The characters in the write up are not fictional. If it gets confusing read some earlier posts .. u might find some descriptions ]

Beach Trippin on bike

Our beloved Hippo aka Motu aka Krishna Mohan .. was getting married .
The DOM - Date of Marriage (read as Death of Man) was 1st May.
Only Mohit and me were free so we decided to travel to KM's place. We landed a day before and had nothing to do.

Being big fans of bikes, we were discussing bout the bikes parked around when the idea stuck.
Logical Next step - Bike trip
Thiruvananthapuram - Poovar- Kovalam - Thiruvananthapuram

Two guys on a bike, fighting to ride it, made it to the beaches and back.
It was amazing .. from the narrow roads (I mean really narrow roads) to (10 feet) wide highways ..
between settlements, and chetas and chetis ... good fun.

Let me see.. here is how the trip went
Morning time : Mohit was riding ( being a good friend I did not fight because it was city roads full of traffic ) when the Bullet stopped and would not start. A local mechanic who recharged the batteries so now all was fine.

Along the way - BEAutiful roads once you reach near Kovalam.
Nice beach with a light house.. lot of shacks next to the beach..
where you can plan for lunch ... we headed to Poovar first ..

Mohit pushing the bike, I was documenting the trip

A shack in kovalam

So there we were.. having lunch and planning the next route. Poovar seemed to be a nice idea. The road seemed very close to the beaches (in google maps) so we headed that way ...

And this is how it went -
As Mohit was riding I had to sit behind, burning my legs as the silencer was so hot it could have started a forest fire .. 

Narrow roads but manageable ... 
Intermittent  wide highways ... coconut trees .. lot of coconut trees ... huts .. huts with dish antennas ... churches ... lot of people ... nearing the beach .. empty roads .. local boys drinking with stocks in their car .. drunk guys took photos ... one of them asked my name 4 times ..

I lied my name was Karthik .. then forgot and told my real name .. then lied again 4th time when asked...
We had reached Poovar ...

The beach was empty was we were there early .. stayed there for some time soaking in the beauty .. vast shore line .. packed with boats just back from fishing trips ...
This was poovar ... we hit a dead end in the road . That was near the Mangroves in Poovar and an empty eerie construction with lot of eagles hovering ... That was a sign .. we headed back from there to Kovalam ...

Scary house

      Kovalam was amazing . As mentioned earlier , the light house beach is a nice place .. to have late lunch .. lay back and enjoy the beautiful place ... there are many beaches around .. the one next to light house beach is Hawa beach .. and some other places ... somewhere there we took this pics below ...




We were there for the sun set which was amazing .. all that fun and riding had worn us out .. but the view of sun setting beyond the horizon .. wow .. that was a beauty ..

Remembered we had a reception to attend ... From there we headed back to the hotel.. dressed up in suits.. rode the bullet in the smallest possible gullies to reach the reception. Thus ended the bike trip. :) 

Time Pass