Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ever Increasing Traffic , Traffic Jams ... and how they are changing us

I used to cycle around the main road where I live everyday ...to school and back .. cycle home for lunch and rush back ... very few vehicles , very few honks ..

Now I can not even cross the same main road by walk .. its jam packed and busting with vehicles honking and zoom by ...

What changed ... actually apart from the number of vehicles that increased drastically in these past few years, there has been another major change that we tend to neglect. Its our mindset and way of life.

I remember the days when a car owner used to stop the car, go over to the side and demand or shout out if his/her vehicle got a scratch from another . Now its just a wave of hand a smile and off you go. If you try to stop and inspect the damage you get a thousand honks and people shouting  "move on" .

Yes "MOVE ON" is the mantra of the day... anytime anywhere . Be it traffic or life , people just do not have enough time . It seems as though there is nothing that is worth other than what is next. No one seems to be enjoying the present . Its all what happens or what they plan next that drives today's busy life.

Ever wondered what you might be missing ? Just slow down a bit .. look back ... think ...feel .. enjoy ... share ...
Just do not become another mechanical part in the mechanical world ..
Having said that ... I need to leave early today so that I can escape the evening traffic :P now that is planning and not just thinking "What Next" !!

Time Pass