Monday, May 26, 2014

Nepal Adventure ( Continued )

Continuing my previous post on my Nepal Visit...

I gave a summary on the travel and also some place listings to see and places to stay.
Well there are many links and tripadvisor blog and  TripAdvisor Nepal of course can give you many details.

I am a pure vegetarian, so if you are a veggie you might find some helpful facts below

First of all, as i have already suggested few places to stay I will write a lil bit on restaurants and food to try.

Thamel has many restaurants that you can try. If you have decided to stay near Thamel then you can walk to most of the good ones.

Pure vegetarian restaurants are hard to come by. Ones I liked

OR2K -  This is a must visit place . Has lot of options for veg and a lovely place to sit and relax. Like most other places this also offers free wifi so you dont have to run around making arrangements if you have a good phone or a laptop.
Food is awesome and the range of menu is good.

What you should not miss is the Goat Cheese Pizza. Just mouth watering ...

The Himalayan Java is there at 3 Places. Coffee lovers shud just go to this place atleast once. I visited all the 3 places and i must say .. its a very neat organized place with good menu ... lot of travellers and trekkers prefer this place as a meeting point or just to hang out.

Apart from these there are many diners that you will find in the walking street/market in Thamel.
Indians can also find many marwadi diners that provide good Indian style food. Nothing like having paratha and sabji if you are craving for home like food !!

--------- Thats it on the food section . Will write more on places and what to do in coming posts

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