Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nepal Visit: An all-rounder of a place

Before details, take a min to pay homage to all those Sherpas who were killed in the avalanche. May their soul rest in peace.

Well, pardon the cricketing jargon in the title but its the IPL season !! With lots of matches and parties, not a bad idea to catch a match in a different place.

Ankur [who is also referred as Adha Thakur in some earlier posts] was getting married . Had to be there for the occasion. And what more, it was going to be my first proper North Indian marriage experience.
Marriages in India can not get better than a North Indian fan fair marriage, lots of dance, lots of color admist lot of rituals and grandeur.

The venue for this "much awaited"[ by me and Mohit] marriage, was in Gorakhpur. A place in Uttar Pradesh.
This is near to the Indo Nepal border. Would not get a better time to plan a trip to Nepal and back for marriage. And so the adventure began.

[I will write about the places in detail and hence might write the post in parts. Through out I will try to give information on places where stay can be planned and also food joints. For Veggies especially.]

Nepal : Where Buddha was born, land of Everest [although its in China Nepal Border ] and a spiritual significance for Hindus as PashupatiNath resides there.
So most part of the trip plan included sight seeing and few temple visits mostly during evenings.

How to get there : Well there are flights from Delhi-Kathmandu that are frequent. There is flight service from Varanasi as well . So if you are planning a trip to Varanasi you can take advantage of it.

Summary of where to stay and what to see and what all to do in Nepal

Places To Visit:
             - Thamel
            - Pashupatinath Temple

             - Buddha Temple
             - Buddha Neelkanth

Must Do : Mountain Flight.

You can see the tallest point ... standing tall is The Everest


Ambassador Garden Home

Its a nice hotel middle of busy  Thamel streets. Good for breakfast . You will find a lot of places nearby for lunch and dinner.

There is another hotel : Encounter
This is also a neat place to stay. Also near Thamel. The hotels restaurant caters to your needs.

In Nagarkot Stay at Club Himalays
An amazing place for the view . Sunrise and Sunset are a  must

Pokara has a range of hotels for you to stay. Although the main attraction here is adventure sports like paragliding and white water rafting. The rates are standardized and you can ask your hotel guy to book them for you.


Most of the places are WiFi Enabled, so you should not have any issue in connectivity.
Also NCell which is the local Nepal service provider has cheap call rates, and activation is immediate.

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