Monday, September 3, 2007

Team Out!

Who said there is no fun at workplace! Its been more fun then work :) It was a team outing at Ebony(28th,Tuesday).For those of you searching for a nice place to eat in midst of your hectic work and need a cool nice place to spend time , Ebony is a good choice. The 13th floor balcony offers you a great view of Bangalore. It was our (Srivatsa, Vikas, Nandini, Archit, Jagadeesh : in reverse intelligence order :p) first salary treat. After a long discussion and lot of analysis as to which place to go we finally decided on Ebony. It was nice fun . A good experience. Not to mention , it did help us knowing each other well . We got gifts from out seniors as well :)

And finally due to all those advantages of team outings and parties " we the freshers of Nokia Siemens Solemnly swear that we will organize such outings regularly :) "

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