Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After everyday bus fights with the conductor during PU days, and a lonng longg gap of almost 3 years , last week I travelled by BUS. And through out the way I was remembering those days that are gone. Those footboarding days even though the bus is empty, fights in the bus to get down before the stop. Nothing much has changed in that aspect..these fights still go on :) But its when I started to gaze out of the window that I realised, I felt lost!! yes Lost.. although it was the same route that I travelled everyday to office, what I saw now was totally different. I was wondering how have those old 1947 buildings near MGroad comeup newly! It was so different.. peaceful.. far from the speeding vehicles and jammed roads. Thats when I decided its nice to have a bus ride back home once in a while. Afterall we need to get used to travelling inmetro isnt it :) hopefully! :P

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