Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The umpire decision "Ponting says its out!!"

For most of the 2nd test match , it was not much of cricket but more of the heated rivalry . And correctly so . Its good to see Indians showing their dominance for once by backing up a team member and lifting the spirits . In a country where cricket is a religion and still a gentleman's game , the respect for the Aussies has gone from bad to worse . If it existed at the first place .

With appeals like "thats out coz we are Aussies" going around in a test match , seldom does the opposite team get a chance to have its say . The "Bhajji" factor and that of the racial abuse angered the Indian cricket lovers. And to put it blankly the whole test match went on like this

Ponting :We Aussies start the match, with the old blind Bucknor in our "pockets" we can take atleast 2-3 wickets of Indians before first drinks break
Gilchrist :Are u sure u told him to wake up when we appeal
Symonds:Dont worry ill scare him to death with my shouts . He will have to raise his hand no matter what
Ponting: Symonds be careful , all media will be watching . Dont let them get to know your monkey truth
Symonds : Naa i wont . Im pretty good at it. Did they get to know in our Indian tour .No na

So the great Australian tamasha goes on...... :)

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