Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Makara Sankranti

Wishing all a very Happy Makara Sankranti .
"Yellu bella thindu volle mathu adu "..... The transition in suns path from dakshinayana to uttarayana.. in makara rashi is the significance of the day . The transition from cold days to warmer days, beginning of the harvesting . All these are part of the festival . For kids its new dress, sugarcanes, sweets, yummy pongal and many more . For believers its matter of transition to harvesting . All in all its a combination of scientific calculations and believes .

Girls going to neighbors , friends place and giving them sugarcane and jaggary (yellu bella) signifies sharing of joy . Not to mention helps increase contacts in scientific terms :P. This relation between science exists , and will continue to exist . A specialty of India!

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Dhanya said...

Where is the yellu bella for me?

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