Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Rappa - A Great Weekend Getaway

( Due to security reasons [of my life] I will be changing the names of people in this conversation )
Liquid ( remember Pyaar Ka Panch nama - that character ) : Lets plan up a weekend trip 
Aadha Thakur (AT)  (  The guy with one arm in our version ): Tu chup reh , plan hamare saat karega fir aur kahi chala jayega
Anonymous  : Bhai log ... weekend plan .. fir to some place near we have to plan yaar ....
AT : Lets check some places ... sometihng like a 3 -4 hour drive
Liquid - Hmmm let me also search
Anonymous : arre itna plan nahi karenge .. chalo i know a place
Liquid - chalo .. where is this place ?? 
Anonymous : chalo lets go .. pat AT ko toh ACTIVITY  hai
AT : abeeee ... haan yaar .. par vl have to plan up so that no one in office knows .. and btw hows work
[after some 30 mins of talking many other things not related to a trip plan]
AT : Accha toh plan on ? chale ?
Liquid : haan chalo .. par kahan
Anonymous : Bola na I know a place lets go .. not very far

This is how it happened ... The Plan ...
And why the trip was so awesome : It was a very informative trip :P Few things "we" learnt
  • Dont listen to Aunti ji song while driving.. will distract you and you might hit a blue van
  • Avoid eye contact with your fello travellers after you have miraculously escaped form a sure death accident and you are driving
  • Kamat is just further on the same road from Bangalore to Hassan
  • Dont drive between the bushes it will scratch the car
  • None of the ATMs neat Hassan work

To the details :)
How many of you out there have done this : Gone to Google and searched " good weekend getaways near Bangalore " ... many of u rite . Which place classifies as a weekend getaway then
Lets see , not too far to drive by ( 3 -4 hours max ) , preferable not too crowded so that it does not remind you of the city life all over again , has a good scenic tag to it so that it does not come in to one of the stereo type commercial resorts ....

Well , this by far is one of the best places near Bangalore to visit during a weekend. "The Rappa"
This place is near Hassan , makes it a 3 -4 hour drive from here . The place is located on the back waters of the Gorur Dam built accross the Hemavathi river . You can just drive by next to the river , park your car have a good swim ( with a llife jacket) and just sit back and relax. The place has few cottages .. do not expect anything luxurious .. its more like a camping place where you can have your food , go for a swim , kayak to the near by highland ... camp there have fun and be yourself. 

We left Bangalore around 7 ish reached there around 11 with a stop for breakfast for about 30 mins.. The Hassan road is a good one to drive , the new toll roads do give u rashes when you have to pay up ( around 120 one way ) but worth it . En route you will find many places to stop by for a break and have something to eat. Keep your camera handy as some places on the way are picture perfect .

ShettyHalli church on the way to Rappa
Once you reach the place , you will love it . Its right next to the river , you can practically stop the car next to it and jump in ...  mind you , you will be greeted by the cutest group of mans best friends :) As soon as we reached , we hit the water ,,, had a good swim and enjoyed for about a hour and two . We then settled down in one of the cottages , had a good lunch and planned up for the evening . It was drizzling and so we decided to kayak later and lazed around here there enjoying the beauty of the place taking pics and playing with the dogs ..
"Mistiff" ya you got it right - a pug - grew very fond of AT ... AT was also .. well how do I say this ... well I better not say this .. so ya there was a good bonding :P Liquid loves dogs and wells so we had a hard time keeping him off both!! :P

We played football , lot of space around ... drove around next to the river ... Its so amazing how time flies when you are in a place like this .. before we knew and it was dark . We decided to kayak the next morning and lit up a camp fire . A camp fire  , next to the river bed , far far away form the daily stupid office stuff ... lots of talks , lots of fun .. listening to music and having plate a plate full to eat ... nothing more you can ask for isn't it :)

Next day .. we were up by 8!! ya too early by our standards but we had a reason . Kayaking in the beautiful morning weather ... well we could'n have asked for a better time . It was superb. We kayaked to the nearby highland , and back and then to the other highland ... just lay back and let the currents take you ... not too far else ull be facing the damn dam !  All in all its a good place to visit  .. we had awesome fun and were in no mood to come back to Bangalore . But we had to ... :( :(


Anonymous said...

Really liked your blog.

Looks like a nice place based on the pictures. Could you provide more details about the place.

1. food and stay?
2. How to reach and whom to contact?
3. Any idea about expenses?


Vatsa said...

Thank you.. im glad you liked it

The Rappa is located in hassan .
Food : Id rate it 4 out of 5 , 5 being high . You will get all the expected buffet type spread , roti , dhal , veg non veg curry , rice , sambar .. 2-3 non veg items ... and the foods tasty .

Stay : there are around 6 cottages here. Each can accommodate 4ppl comfortably . Do not expect too much interms of rooms and things. Its a basic structure , more like a camp . If you are very specific about something please do inform the owners and they will oblige.

expense : Its just 1500 per head on multiple sharing includes stay , dinner , snacks tea/coffee and breakfast and kayaking . So id say its worth the money you pay.

How to reach : Bangalore - hassan road, do not take the right that foes to hassan. on HSN-bi-pass you find reliance bunk>from there second left>you find laxmi wood works> you take this left & after aprox 500mts you will get rough road & a y-fork take the right aprox 500mts you will find another Y-fork take the left, from there 12 KM is shattihalli >contenew you will crossa bridge aftre this aprox 750mts take the left you will see a school on the left > from there 4.5KM is RAPPA>if you find any difeculty ask anybody for Vijay's place.

Contact : Vijay das

91 9902066127

or mail

or mail

Unknown said...
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Vatsa said...

Thanks Kranti

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