Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Unforgettable Experience

There are sometimes when you feel a sense of accomplishment , a feeling that makes you proud , a smile on your face because you made someone else smile . Those moments are priceless . Its something I felt after I met and interacted with the kids of APSA Nammane(our home) . Dhanya asked me whether I would join her along with her team members to visit Nammane and spend some time with the kids there. It was Friday evening and as expected it started drizzling by late afternoon . We had planned some activities to be carried out there. The plan was to sponsor a days ration for the kids . And so we did , in fact for 2 days . I am glad there are people who are ready to contribute for a noble cause .

We reached the place around 4:30 . Heavy rains had gutted the place around the building. There was a visible demarcation , next to big posh flats , there were low huts, gutted in water . Evidence that rich get richer and poor much poorer.

Once we reached there, we were welcomed by the poem that they were taught in the previous visit. Kids do touch your heart don't they :) may be thats why kids are close to gods . Their smiles and energy, their enthusiasm made us forget ourselves for few minutes . It gave us an opportunity to become kids amongst them .To realize the kid within us far from the office life . We played around, enjoyed with them like small kids . That evening I spent one of the most memorable evening till date :) I wont get into details of what we did , what we arranged as these doesn't matter . What matters is that we were there with them , shared their joy . And mind you ,they are no less than us . Great minds who can prepare and enact a skit in 10mins , who dance like Hritiks and prabhudevas , can challenge anyone in singing . It was great to see them fearless to express themselves , something the "urban"kids often lack.

All this while I have been thinking of words to express my feeling , so that I can pen them down . But seems like those feelings cannot be expressed in words. Its a feeling to feel . A feel to remember , remembrance to be cherished in to memories . Memories that will last long :)

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Dhanya said...

When I saw the bloglines enty from you I was expecting your trek details and instead What a treat.. WOW :)
We can send this link to others who couldn't come :)

Vatsa said...

gee :) trip details on the way. But this I wanted to write, after that day! :)

Supriya Sudheendra said...

Hey its nice of you ppl to do this :) .. Where is this place ?

Vatsa said...

Its near airport road . . few kilometers from the HAL kalyana mantap i think

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