Thursday, July 24, 2008

1 year Experience!

July 23rd 2008 , i updated my resume : Years of experience : 1 :)
Well its been a long , eventful(lots and lots of events ;)) year . Same time last , probably a day or two earlier , i was thinking what to do . Confused as to which company to join . Then the mind of a CS student from Bangalore kicked in " Obviously a PRODUCT COMPANY" , for all those 4 years of engineering. So there it all began, NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS , MG Road Bangalore .

U got to be lucky to have office in MG Road. Lots of restaurants , nice crowd in Brigade ;) and lot more . Best part of all , just 11kms from home . With all the anxiety and fear . . and enthusiasm , thinking what to answer when seniors ask me questions ... man.. isn't it memorable.I have been lucky in many ways . Made good friends , part of the coolest team in the company I should say . Its these small matters like , your comfort in the work , and the team , that matters in your long term relation with the company . Ill surely feel bad in case I have to leave this team .

Well lots of trips , making movies , birthday parties , team outings , and little bit of work :) ....
Its 23rd July 2008 . My 1year in office :)


Dhanya said...

Congrats n TREAT :)

Vatsa said...

Any time when u are free :) but looks like u have lots of work no :P

Dhanya said...

I am always free for a treat :)

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